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A trapezoid is a quadrilateral with one pair of parallel sides. The other two sides, known as the legs, are not parallel. The base angles of a trapezoid are the angles formed between the legs and the base. These are the angles we will be focusing on in our calculations.

Trapezoid Formulas

Trapezoid Angle Formulas
  • Area = h(a+b)/2
  • Perimeter = a + b + c + d
  • Diagonal L1H2 = sqrt(h2+(b-sqrt(c2-h2))2)
  • Diagonal H1L2 = sqrt(h2+(b-sqrt(d2-h2))2)
  • For example, When Parallel Side a =4, b = 5, Angle (θ) = 0.9273, Angle (Φ) = 0.6082, altitude(h) = 5, Then the area= 22.5, perimeter = 24.000550386222713, Side c = 6.25, side d = 8.7506, Diagonal L1H2 = 5.1539, Diagonal H1L2 = 5.4551.

The trapezoid calculator with angles is a valuable tool for accurately calculating the angles of trapezoids. By inputting the necessary measurements, you can obtain precise results using the provided formulas. Additionally, the calculator offers various features for calculating other aspects of trapezoids, such as area and diagonals.