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Tori (doughnut-shaped objects) comprehensively with our Torus Volume Surface Area Calculator.

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A torus is a three-dimensional shape that resembles a donut or a tire inner tube. It is formed by rotating a circle around an axis in a three-dimensional space. The resulting shape consists of a circular cross-section and a hole in the middle. The center of the torus is known as the “center of revolution,” and the distance from this center to the outer edge of the torus is called the “major radius.” The distance from the center of revolution to the inner edge of the torus is known as the “minor radius.”

Torus Volume Surface Area

Torus Volume Equation:

V = π2 * (R + r) * (R – r)2

Torus Surface Area Equation:

S = π2 * (R2 – r2)
Whrer R: Outer Radius, r: Inner Radius

How to use Calculator

Let’s explore how to utilize a Torus Volume Surface Area Calculator effectively.

Step 1: Entering the Dimensions

Once you have accessed the calculator, you will typically find fields to enter the major radius ( R ) and minor radius ( r ) of the torus. Carefully input the values in the appropriate fields.

Step 2: Calculating the Results

After entering the dimensions, click on the “Calculate” button or a similar option provided by the calculator. The Torus Volume Surface Area Calculator will process the inputted values and provide you with the calculated volume and surface area of the torus almost instantaneously.

Step 3: Analyzing the Results

Once the calculator has provided you with the results, take a moment to analyze and interpret them. The volume will be given in cubic units, while the surface area will be given in square units. These values represent the physical properties of the torus based on the dimensions you entered.

By utilizing a Torus Volume Surface Area Calculator, these calculations can be performed quickly and accurately, saving time and ensuring precise results. Explore the world of tori with confidence, armed with the knowledge and tools to unlock their hidden potential.