Radians to Degrees Conversion Calculator (rad to °)

Radians to Degrees Conversion is a mathematical process used to convert angles measured in radians to degrees. Radians and degrees are two common units for measuring angles, and this conversion facilitates ease of understanding and communication between these units.

Radians: rad

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What Are Radians and Degrees?

Radians and degrees are units of angular measurement. Radians are based on the radius of a circle, and there are \( 2\pi \) radians in a full circle, while degrees divide a circle into 360 equal parts.


Radians are a unit of angular measurement commonly used in mathematics and physics. One radian is defined as the angle subtended at the center of a circle by an arc whose length is equal to the radius of the circle. In mathematical terms, this can be expressed as:

1 radian = \(\frac{180}{\pi}\) degrees


Degrees, on the other hand, are a more familiar unit of angular measurement. A full circle is divided into 360 degrees, with each degree further divided into 60 minutes and each minute divided into 60 seconds.

The Radian to Degree Conversion Formula

Converting radians to degrees is a straightforward process and can be done using the following formula:

Degrees = Radians \(\times\) \(\frac{180}{\pi}\)

Now, let’s break down the steps to convert radians to degrees:

  1. Identify the Value in Radians: Begin by determining the value you want to convert from radians to degrees.
  2. Use the Conversion Formula: Apply the conversion formula mentioned above to calculate the equivalent value in degrees.
  3. Perform the Calculation: Input the radian value into the formula, multiply it by \(\frac{180}{\pi}\), and calculate the result.
  4. Interpret the Result: The result of this calculation represents the equivalent value in degrees.

Let’s illustrate this process with an example:

Example: Converting Radians to Degrees

Suppose we have an angle of 2.5 radians, and we want to convert it into degrees. Using the conversion formula:

Degrees = \(2.5 \times \frac{180}{\pi}\)

Let’s calculate the result:

Degrees = \(2.5 \times \frac{180}{\pi}\) ≈ 143.24 degrees

So, 2.5 radians is approximately equivalent to 143.24 degrees.

Understanding the Conversion Calculator

The Radians to Degrees Conversion Calculator transforms angles from radians to degrees. The conversion formula is straightforward:

\( \text{degrees} = \text{radians} \times \left(\frac{180}{\pi}\right) \)

The calculator multiplies the angle in radians by the constant \( \frac{180}{\pi} \) to provide the equivalent angle in degrees.

Examples of Conversions

Example 1: Converting Radians

Let’s convert \( 2.5 \) radians to degrees using the Radians to Degrees Conversion Calculator:

\( 2.5 \) radians \( = 143.24^\circ \)

The conversion result is \( 143.24^\circ \).

Example 2: Converting Multiple Radians

You can also convert multiple radians at once. Let’s convert \( 1.2 \) radians, \( 3.0 \) radians, and \( 0.5 \) radians:

\( 1.2 \) radians \( = 68.75^\circ \)
\( 3.0 \) radians \( = 171.85^\circ \)
\( 0.5 \) radians \( = 28.65^\circ \)

The conversion results are \( 68.75^\circ \), \( 171.85^\circ \), and \( 28.65^\circ \) respectively.

Example 3: Converting π Radians

Converting angles in terms of \( \pi \) radians is common. Let’s convert \( \frac{\pi}{4} \) radians and \( \frac{3\pi}{2} \) radians:

\( \frac{\pi}{4} \) radians \( = 45^\circ \)
\( \frac{3\pi}{2} \) radians \( = 270^\circ \)

The conversion results are \( 45^\circ \) and \( 270^\circ \) respectively.

Solution Explanation

The Radians to Degrees Conversion Calculator uses the conversion formula \( \text{degrees} = \text{radians} \times \left(\frac{180}{\pi}\right) \) to accurately convert radians to degrees. It simplifies angular measurements for practical applications.

How to Use an Online Conversion Calculator

Using an online Radians to Degrees Conversion Calculator is straightforward:

  1. Input the Radians: Enter the angle in radians that you want to convert.
  2. Click Convert: Press the “Convert” or “Calculate” button to initiate the conversion process.
  3. View the Result: The calculator will display the angle in degrees.

These online calculators provide a convenient way to perform Radians to Degrees conversions.

Table of Radians and Degrees

Radians (rad)Radians (rad)Degrees (°)
0 rad0 rad
π/6 rad0.5235987756 rad30°
π/4 rad0.7853981634 rad45°
π/3 rad1.0471975512 rad60°
π/2 rad1.5707963268 rad90°
2π/3 rad2.0943951024 rad120°
3π/4 rad2.3561944902 rad135°
5π/6 rad2.6179938780 rad150°
π rad3.1415926536 rad180°
3π/2 rad4.7123889804 rad270°
2π rad6.2831853072 rad360°

Radian Values with Fractions

2 π rad360°
π rad180°
π2 rad90°
π3 rad60°
π4 rad45°
π5 rad36°
π6 rad30°
π9 rad20°
π10 rad18°
π12 rad15°
π15 rad12°
π18 rad10°
π30 rad
π36 rad
π60 rad
π90 rad

Radian Values with Decimals

0.1 π rad18°
0.2 π rad36°
0.3 π rad54°
0.4 π rad72°
0.5 π rad90°
0.6 π rad108°
0.7 π rad126°
0.8 π rad144°
0.9 π rad162°
1 π rad180°
1.1 π rad198°
1.2 π rad216°
1.3 π rad234°
1.4 π rad252°
1.5 π rad270°
1.6 π rad288°
1.7 π rad306°
1.8 π rad324°
1.9 π rad342°
2 π rad360°

Radian Values without Pi (π)

0.1 rad5.72958°
0.2 rad11.45916°
0.3 rad17.18874°
0.4 rad22.91832°
0.5 rad28.6479°
0.6 rad34.37748°
0.7 rad40.10706°
0.8 rad45.83664°
0.9 rad51.56622°
1 rad57.2958°
1.1 rad63.02538°
1.2 rad68.75496°
1.3 rad74.48454°
1.4 rad80.21412°
1.5 rad85.9437°
1.6 rad91.67328°
1.7 rad97.40286°
1.8 rad103.13244°
1.9 rad108.86202°
2 rad114.5916°

Radian to Degree Two Decimals in Terms of Pi

0.01 p rad1.8°1 p rad180°
0.02 p rad3.6°1.01 p rad181.8°
0.03 p rad5.4°1.02 p rad183.6°
0.04 p rad7.2°1.03 p rad185.4°
0.05 p rad1.04 p rad187.2°
0.06 p rad10.8°1.05 p rad189°
0.07 p rad12.6°1.06 p rad190.8°
0.08 p rad14.4°1.07 p rad192.6°
0.09 p rad16.2°1.08 p rad194.4°
0.1 p rad18°1.09 p rad196.2°
0.11 p rad19.8°1.1 p rad198°
0.12 p rad21.6°1.11 p rad199.8°
0.13 p rad23.4°1.12 p rad201.6°
0.14 p rad25.2°1.13 p rad203.4°
0.15 p rad27°1.14 p rad205.2°
0.16 p rad28.8°1.15 p rad207°
0.17 p rad30.6°1.16 p rad208.8°
0.18 p rad32.4°1.17 p rad210.6°
0.19 p rad34.2°1.18 p rad212.4°
0.2 p rad36°1.19 p rad214.2°
0.21 p rad37.8°1.2 p rad216°
0.22 p rad39.6°1.21 p rad217.8°
0.23 p rad41.4°1.22 p rad219.6°
0.24 p rad43.2°1.23 p rad221.4°
0.25 p rad45°1.24 p rad223.2°
0.26 p rad46.8°1.25 p rad225°
0.27 p rad48.6°1.26 p rad226.8°
0.28 p rad50.4°1.27 p rad228.6°
0.29 p rad52.2°1.28 p rad230.4°
0.3 p rad54°1.29 p rad232.2°
0.31 p rad55.8°1.3 p rad234°
0.32 p rad57.6°1.31 p rad235.8°
0.33 p rad59.4°1.32 p rad237.6°
0.34 p rad61.2°1.33 p rad239.4°
0.35 p rad63°1.34 p rad241.2°
0.36 p rad64.8°1.35 p rad243°
0.37 p rad66.6°1.36 p rad244.8°
0.38 p rad68.4°1.37 p rad246.6°
0.39 p rad70.2°1.38 p rad248.4°
0.4 p rad72°1.39 p rad250.2°
0.41 p rad73.8°1.4 p rad252°
0.42 p rad75.6°1.41 p rad253.8°
0.43 p rad77.4°1.42 p rad255.6°
0.44 p rad79.2°1.43 p rad257.4°
0.45 p rad81°1.44 p rad259.2°
0.46 p rad82.8°1.45 p rad261°
0.47 p rad84.6°1.46 p rad262.8°
0.48 p rad86.4°1.47 p rad264.6°
0.49 p rad88.2°1.48 p rad266.4°
0.5 p rad90°1.49 p rad268.2°
0.51 p rad91.8°1.5 p rad270°
0.52 p rad93.6°1.51 p rad271.8°
0.53 p rad95.4°1.52 p rad273.6°
0.54 p rad97.2°1.53 p rad275.4°
0.55 p rad99°1.54 p rad277.2°
0.56 p rad100.8°1.55 p rad279°
0.57 p rad102.6°1.56 p rad280.8°
0.58 p rad104.4°1.57 p rad282.6°
0.59 p rad106.2°1.58 p rad284.4°
0.6 p rad108°1.59 p rad286.2°
0.61 p rad109.8°1.6 p rad288°
0.62 p rad111.6°1.61 p rad289.8°
0.63 p rad113.4°1.62 p rad291.6°
0.64 p rad115.2°1.63 p rad293.4°
0.65 p rad117°1.64 p rad295.2°
0.66 p rad118.8°1.65 p rad297°
0.67 p rad120.6°1.66 p rad298.8°
0.68 p rad122.4°1.67 p rad300.6°
0.69 p rad124.2°1.68 p rad302.4°
0.7 p rad126°1.69 p rad304.2°
0.71 p rad127.8°1.7 p rad306°
0.72 p rad129.6°1.71 p rad307.8°
0.73 p rad131.4°1.72 p rad309.6°
0.74 p rad133.2°1.73 p rad311.4°
0.75 p rad135°1.74 p rad313.2°
0.76 p rad136.8°1.75 p rad315°
0.77 p rad138.6°1.76 p rad316.8°
0.78 p rad140.4°1.77 p rad318.6°
0.79 p rad142.2°1.78 p rad320.4°
0.8 p rad144°1.79 p rad322.2°
0.81 p rad145.8°1.8 p rad324°
0.82 p rad147.6°1.81 p rad325.8°
0.83 p rad149.4°1.82 p rad327.6°
0.84 p rad151.2°1.83 p rad329.4°
0.85 p rad153°1.84 p rad331.2°
0.86 p rad154.8°1.85 p rad333°
0.87 p rad156.6°1.86 p rad334.8°
0.88 p rad158.4°1.87 p rad336.6°
0.89 p rad160.2°1.88 p rad338.4°
0.9 p rad162°1.89 p rad340.2°
0.91 p rad163.8°1.9 p rad342°
0.92 p rad165.6°1.91 p rad343.8°
0.93 p rad167.4°1.92 p rad345.6°
0.94 p rad169.2°1.93 p rad347.4°
0.95 p rad171°1.94 p rad349.2°
0.96 p rad172.8°1.95 p rad351°
0.97 p rad174.6°1.96 p rad352.8°
0.98 p rad176.4°1.97 p rad354.6°
0.99 p rad178.2°1.98 p rad356.4°
1 p rad180°1.99 p rad358.2°
  2 p rad360°

Radian to Degree Two Decimals Approximate

0.01 rad0.572958°1 rad57.2958°
0.02 rad1.145916°1.01 rad57.868758°
0.03 rad1.718874°1.02 rad58.441716°
0.04 rad2.291832°1.03 rad59.014674°
0.05 rad2.86479°1.04 rad59.587632°
0.06 rad3.437748°1.05 rad60.16059°
0.07 rad4.010706°1.06 rad60.733548°
0.08 rad4.583664°1.07 rad61.306506°
0.09 rad5.156622°1.08 rad61.879464°
0.1 rad5.72958°1.09 rad62.452422°
0.11 rad6.302538°1.1 rad63.02538°
0.12 rad6.875496°1.11 rad63.598338°
0.13 rad7.448454°1.12 rad64.171296°
0.14 rad8.021412°1.13 rad64.744254°
0.15 rad8.59437°1.14 rad65.317212°
0.16 rad9.167328°1.15 rad65.89017°
0.17 rad9.740286°1.16 rad66.463128°
0.18 rad10.313244°1.17 rad67.036086°
0.19 rad10.886202°1.18 rad67.609044°
0.2 rad11.45916°1.19 rad68.182002°
0.21 rad12.032118°1.2 rad68.75496°
0.22 rad12.605076°1.21 rad69.327918°
0.23 rad13.178034°1.22 rad69.900876°
0.24 rad13.750992°1.23 rad70.473834°
0.25 rad14.32395°1.24 rad71.046792°
0.26 rad14.896908°1.25 rad71.61975°
0.27 rad15.469866°1.26 rad72.192708°
0.28 rad16.042824°1.27 rad72.765666°
0.29 rad16.615782°1.28 rad73.338624°
0.3 rad17.18874°1.29 rad73.911582°
0.31 rad17.761698°1.3 rad74.48454°
0.32 rad18.334656°1.31 rad75.057498°
0.33 rad18.907614°1.32 rad75.630456°
0.34 rad19.480572°1.33 rad76.203414°
0.35 rad20.05353°1.34 rad76.776372°
0.36 rad20.626488°1.35 rad77.34933°
0.37 rad21.199446°1.36 rad77.922288°
0.38 rad21.772404°1.37 rad78.495246°
0.39 rad22.345362°1.38 rad79.068204°
0.4 rad22.91832°1.39 rad79.641162°
0.41 rad23.491278°1.4 rad80.21412°
0.42 rad24.064236°1.41 rad80.787078°
0.43 rad24.637194°1.42 rad81.360036°
0.44 rad25.210152°1.43 rad81.932994°
0.45 rad25.78311°1.44 rad82.505952°
0.46 rad26.356068°1.45 rad83.07891°
0.47 rad26.929026°1.46 rad83.651868°
0.48 rad27.501984°1.47 rad84.224826°
0.49 rad28.074942°1.48 rad84.797784°
0.5 rad28.6479°1.49 rad85.370742°
0.51 rad29.220858°1.5 rad85.9437°
0.52 rad29.793816°1.51 rad86.516658°
0.53 rad30.366774°1.52 rad87.089616°
0.54 rad30.939732°1.53 rad87.662574°
0.55 rad31.51269°1.54 rad88.235532°
0.56 rad32.085648°1.55 rad88.80849°
0.57 rad32.658606°1.56 rad89.381448°
0.58 rad33.231564°1.57 rad89.954406°
0.59 rad33.804522°1.58 rad90.527364°
0.6 rad34.37748°1.59 rad91.100322°
0.61 rad34.950438°1.6 rad91.67328°
0.62 rad35.523396°1.61 rad92.246238°
0.63 rad36.096354°1.62 rad92.819196°
0.64 rad36.669312°1.63 rad93.392154°
0.65 rad37.24227°1.64 rad93.965112°
0.66 rad37.815228°1.65 rad94.53807°
0.67 rad38.388186°1.66 rad95.111028°
0.68 rad38.961144°1.67 rad95.683986°
0.69 rad39.534102°1.68 rad96.256944°
0.7 rad40.10706°1.69 rad96.829902°
0.71 rad40.680018°1.7 rad97.40286°
0.72 rad41.252976°1.71 rad97.975818°
0.73 rad41.825934°1.72 rad98.548776°
0.74 rad42.398892°1.73 rad99.121734°
0.75 rad42.97185°1.74 rad99.694692°
0.76 rad43.544808°1.75 rad100.26765°
0.77 rad44.117766°1.76 rad100.840608°
0.78 rad44.690724°1.77 rad101.413566°
0.79 rad45.263682°1.78 rad101.986524°
0.8 rad45.83664°1.79 rad102.559482°
0.81 rad46.409598°1.8 rad103.13244°
0.82 rad46.982556°1.81 rad103.705398°
0.83 rad47.555514°1.82 rad104.278356°
0.84 rad48.128472°1.83 rad104.851314°
0.85 rad48.70143°1.84 rad105.424272°
0.86 rad49.274388°1.85 rad105.99723°
0.87 rad49.847346°1.86 rad106.570188°
0.88 rad50.420304°1.87 rad107.143146°
0.89 rad50.993262°1.88 rad107.716104°
0.9 rad51.56622°1.89 rad108.289062°
0.91 rad52.139178°1.9 rad108.86202°
0.92 rad52.712136°1.91 rad109.434978°
0.93 rad53.285094°1.92 rad110.007936°
0.94 rad53.858052°1.93 rad110.580894°
0.95 rad54.43101°1.94 rad111.153852°
0.96 rad55.003968°1.95 rad111.72681°
0.97 rad55.576926°1.96 rad112.299768°
0.98 rad56.149884°1.97 rad112.872726°
0.99 rad56.722842°1.98 rad113.445684°
1 rad57.2958°1.99 rad114.018642°
  2 rad114.5916°

Practical Applications

Understanding the conversion from radians to degrees is essential in various fields, including:

  • Physics: When working with angular displacement in circular motion or oscillations, radians are often used for their mathematical simplicity.
  • Engineering: Engineers frequently encounter angles in trigonometric calculations, making radians to degrees conversion crucial for their work.
  • Computer Graphics: Graphics designers and programmers use radians to manipulate angles in computer graphics and animations.


Q1. What is Radians to Degrees Conversion?

Radians to Degrees Conversion is the process of converting angles measured in radians to degrees. It helps in expressing angles in a more familiar unit for everyday use.

Q2. How Do I Convert Radians to Degrees Manually?

Manually convert by using the formula: \( \text{degrees} = \text{radians} \times \left(\frac{180}{\pi}\right) \).

Q3. What Are the Limits of Conversions?

Radians to Degrees conversions are applicable to any real number. However, keep in mind that extreme values may result in large degree measurements.

Q4. Practical Applications of Conversion

Radians to Degrees Conversion is used in fields like physics, engineering, and computer science for various calculations involving angles, rotations, and trigonometric functions.

In conclusion, mastering the conversion from radians to degrees is a valuable skill in mathematics and its applications in various fields. The formula provided simplifies the process, allowing for easy and accurate conversions. Whether you’re a student, scientist, engineer, or enthusiast, this knowledge will serve as a foundation for understanding and solving complex problems involving angular measurements.