Horizontal Cylindrical Tank Calculator

Before delving into the functionalities of the Horizontal Cylindrical Tank Calculator, let’s establish a foundation by discussing the fundamental concepts involved.

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What is a Horizontal Cylindrical Tank?

A horizontal cylindrical tank is a storage vessel with a cylindrical shape that lies on its side. These tanks are commonly used in various industries to store liquids, ranging from water to chemicals and petroleum products.

Horizontal Cylindrical Tank

Calculation Method

The calculator employs a straightforward formula to determine the volume of liquid inside the tank. It uses the formula for the volume of a cylindrical segment:

\[V = \frac{πh}{6}(3R^2 + h^2)\]


  • V is the volume of liquid.
  • R is the radius of the tank, calculated as D/2.

Incorporating the Horizontal Cylindrical Tank Calculator into your workflow will undoubtedly simplify your fluid volume calculations.