Group Arithmetic Mean Calculator

Determine group arithmetic means accurately with our calculator.


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The Group Arithmetic Mean Calculator is a handy tool for calculating the arithmetic mean of grouped data. Statisticians group data into intervals or classes. The arithmetic mean, commonly known as the average, helps determine the central tendency of such grouped data.

The formula for the group arithmetic mean is:

\[ \text{Group Arithmetic Mean} = \frac{\sum (f \cdot m)}{N} \]


  • \( f \) represents the frequency of each group.
  • \( m \) is the midpoint of each group interval.
  • \( N \) is the total number of data points (the sum of all frequencies).

Using the Calculator

This calculator allows you to perform the following tasks:

  • Enter grouped data, including the intervals, frequencies, and midpoints, to calculate the group arithmetic mean.
  • Obtain the result, which represents the arithmetic mean of the grouped data.
  • Use the calculator for various applications, such as analyzing statistical data, making business decisions, or conducting research.


The group arithmetic mean is applied in various fields and scenarios:

  • Statistics: It's a fundamental measure used in statistical analysis and reporting.
  • Market Research: Applied to understand market trends and customer behavior when data is grouped into segments.
  • Economics: Used to analyze economic data, such as income distributions and price indices.
  • Education: Valuable for teachers and researchers when analyzing test scores and academic performance.

Statisticians, analysts, researchers, and anyone working with data presented in intervals or classes simplify the process of calculating the arithmetic mean for grouped data by using the Group Arithmetic Mean Calculator, making it a valuable tool.