ALT Key Shortcuts to Insert Symbols in Windows – Alt Codes List

Inserting symbols and special characters in various Windows applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint is now easier than ever with the use of ALT key shortcuts. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the numerous ALT key shortcuts that allow you to insert symbols, accents, and other characters in your documents.

Overview of ALT Key Shortcuts

ALT key shortcuts are codes that allow you to insert symbols and special characters using the ALT key on your keyboard. These codes are especially useful for inserting characters that are not available on a standard keyboard, making it easier to create documents in various languages and formats.

To use an ALT key shortcut, simply press and hold the ALT key, type the corresponding code using the numeric keypad, and then release the ALT key. The desired symbol or character will appear at the cursor’s location.

Note: The use of ALT key shortcuts requires a separate numeric keypad on your keyboard. If your keyboard does not have a numeric keypad, it is recommended to use another method for inserting symbols and characters.

Alt + KeySymbolSymbol DescriptionSymbol Category
Alt + 0128Euro CurrencyCurrency
Alt + 0131ƒDutch FlorinCurrency
Alt + 0133Three dots continuationSpecial
Alt + 0134DaggerSpecial
Alt + 0135Double DaggerSpecial
Alt + 0136ˆCap ArrowSpecial
Alt + 0137Per MilleMathematics
Alt + 0138ŠCapital S with CaronLanguage Characters
Alt + 0139Single Angle Quotation LeftSpecial
Alt + 0140ŒCapital O-E LigatureLanguage Characters
Alt + 0142ŽCapital Z with CaronLanguage Characters
Alt + 0149Big DotSpecial
Alt + 0150En-dash symbolSpecial
Alt + 0151Em-dash symbolSpecial
Alt + 0152˜IntermediateKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 0153TrademarkSpecial
Alt + 0154šSmall s with CaronLanguage Characters
Alt + 0155Single Angle Quotation RightSpecial
Alt + 0156œSmall o-e LigatureLanguage Characters
Alt + 0158žSmall z with CaronLanguage Characters
Alt + 0159ŸUmlaut Y CapitalAccented Characters
Alt + 0161¡Down Exclamation MarkSpecial
Alt + 0162¢CentCurrency
Alt + 0163£PoundCurrency
Alt + 0164¤General CurrencyCurrency
Alt + 0165¥Japanese YenCurrency
Alt + 0166¦Pipeline with BreakSpecial
Alt + 0167§Section SymbolSpecial
Alt + 0169©CopyrightSpecial
Alt + 0170ªFeminine Ordinal NumberSpecial
Alt + 0171«Double Angle Quotation LeftSpecial
Alt + 0171«Double Less than MarkSpecial
Alt + 0172¬Not SymbolMathematics
Alt + 0173­Hyphen or DashKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 0174®RegisteredSpecial
Alt + 0175¯Upper DashSpecial
Alt + 0176°DegreeMathematics
Alt + 0177±Plus or MinusMathematics
Alt + 0178²Power of Two (Square)Mathematics
Alt + 0179³Power of Three (Cube)Mathematics
Alt + 0181µMicronMathematics
Alt + 0182ParagraphSpecial
Alt + 0183·Center DotSpecial
Alt + 0185¹Citation OneSpecial
Alt + 0186ºMasculine Ordinal NumberSpecial
Alt + 0187»Double Angle Quotation RightSpecial
Alt + 0187»Double Greater than MarkSpecial
Alt + 0188¼One fourth fractionMathematics
Alt + 0189½One half fractionMathematics
Alt + 0190¾Three fourth fractionMathematics
Alt + 0191¿Down Question MarkSpecial
Alt + 0192ÀGrave A CapitalAccented Characters
Alt + 0193ÁAcute A CapitalAccented Characters
Alt + 0194ÂCircumflex A CapitalAccented Characters
Alt + 0195ÃTilde A CapitalAccented Characters
Alt + 0196ÄUmlaut A CapitalAccented Characters
Alt + 0197ÅCapital Nordic A RingLanguage Characters
Alt + 0198ÆCapital A-E LigatureLanguage Characters
Alt + 0199ÇCapital C French CedilleLanguage Characters
Alt + 0200ÈGrave E CapitalAccented Characters
Alt + 0201ÉAcute E CapitalAccented Characters
Alt + 0202 Circumflex E CapitalAccented Characters
Alt + 0203ËUmlaut E CapitalAccented Characters
Alt + 0204ÌGrave I CapitalAccented Characters
Alt + 0205ÍAcute I CapitalAccented Characters
Alt + 0206ÎCircumflex I CapitalAccented Characters
Alt + 0207ÏUmlaut I CapitalAccented Characters
Alt + 0208ÐOld English Eth (Capital)Language Characters
Alt + 0209ÑTilde I CapitalAccented Characters
Alt + 0210ÒGrave O CapitalAccented Characters
Alt + 0211ÓAcute O CapitalAccented Characters
Alt + 0212ÔCircumflex O CapitalAccented Characters
Alt + 0213ÕTilde O CapitalAccented Characters
Alt + 0214ÖUmlaut O CapitalAccented Characters
Alt + 0215×MultiplyMathematics
Alt + 0216ØCapital Nordic O SlashLanguage Characters
Alt + 0216ØPhiMathematics
Alt + 0217ÙGrave U CapitalAccented Characters
Alt + 0218ÙAcute U CapitalAccented Characters
Alt + 0219ÛCircumflex U CapitalAccented Characters
Alt + 0220ÜUmlaut U CapitalAccented Characters
Alt + 0221ÝAcute Y CapitalAccented Characters
Alt + 0222ÞOld English Thorn (Capital)Language Characters
Alt + 0223ßGerman Sharp SLanguage Characters
Alt + 0224àGrave a SmallAccented Characters
Alt + 0225áAcute a SmallAccented Characters
Alt + 0226âCircumflex a SmallAccented Characters
Alt + 0227ãTilde a SmallAccented Characters
Alt + 0228äUmlaut a SmallAccented Characters
Alt + 0229åSmall Nordic a RingLanguage Characters
Alt + 0230æSmall a-e LigatureLanguage Characters
Alt + 0231çSmall C French CedilleLanguage Characters
Alt + 0232èGrave e SmallAccented Characters
Alt + 0233éAcute e SmallAccented Characters
Alt + 0234êCircumflex e SmallAccented Characters
Alt + 0235ëUmlaut e SmallAccented Characters
Alt + 0236ìGrave i SmallAccented Characters
Alt + 0237íAcute i SmallAccented Characters
Alt + 0238îCircumflex i SmallAccented Characters
Alt + 0239ïUmlaut i SmallAccented Characters
Alt + 0240ðOld English Eth (Small)Language Characters
Alt + 0241ñTilde i SmallAccented Characters
Alt + 0242òGrave o SmallAccented Characters
Alt + 0243óAcute o SmallAccented Characters
Alt + 0244ôCircumflex o SmallAccented Characters
Alt + 0245õTilde o SmallAccented Characters
Alt + 0246öUmlaut o SmallAccented Characters
Alt + 0247÷DivisionMathematics
Alt + 0248øSmall Nordic O SlashLanguage Characters
Alt + 0249ùGrave u SmallAccented Characters
Alt + 0250úAcute u SmallAccented Characters
Alt + 0251ûCircumflex u SmallAccented Characters
Alt + 0252üUmlaut u SmallAccented Characters
Alt + 0253ýAcute y SmallAccented Characters
Alt + 0254þOld English Thorn (Small)Language Characters
Alt + 0255ÿUmlaut y SmallAccented Characters
Alt + 100dSmall Letter dKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 10000PencilSpecial
Alt + 10001NibSpecial
Alt + 10002Bold NibSpecial
Alt + 10003Tick MarkSpecial
Alt + 10004Bold Tick MarkSpecial
Alt + 10005Cross MarkSpecial
Alt + 10006Bold Cross MarkSpecial
Alt + 10007Styles Cross MarkSpecial
Alt + 10008Bold Style Cross MarkSpecial
Alt + 10009Embossed PlusSpecial
Alt + 10010Bold PlusSpecial
Alt + 10011CursorSpecial
Alt + 10012Bold CursorSpecial
Alt + 10013Simple CrossSpecial
Alt + 10014Jesus CrossSpecial
Alt + 10015Embossed CrossSpecial
Alt + 10016Maltese CrossSpecial
Alt + 10017Six Star (Star of David)Stars
Alt + 10018Four Teardrop Spoked AsteriskSpecial
Alt + 10019Four Balloon Spoked AsteriskSpecial
Alt + 10020Bold Four Balloon Spoked AsteriskSpecial
Alt + 10021Four Clubs Spoked AsteriskSpecial
Alt + 10022Black Four Pointed StarStars
Alt + 10023White Four Pointed StarStars
Alt + 10024SparklesStars
Alt + 10025Five Pointed StarStars
Alt + 10026Five Pointed Star in CircleStars
Alt + 10027White Center Black StarStars
Alt + 10028Black Center White StarStars
Alt + 10029Outlined Black StarStars
Alt + 10030Bold Outlined Black StarStars
Alt + 10031Pinwheel StarStars
Alt + 10032White Star with ShadowStars
Alt + 10033Bold AsteriskKeyboard Default
Alt + 10034Open Center AsteriskSpecial
Alt + 10035Eight Spoked AsteriskSpecial
Alt + 10036Eight Point Black StarStars
Alt + 10037Eight Point Pinwheel StarStars
Alt + 10038Six Point Black StarStars
Alt + 10039Eight Point Rectilinear Black StarStars
Alt + 10040Bold Eight Point Rectilinear Black StarStars
Alt + 10041Twelve Point Black StarStars
Alt + 10042Sixteen Spoked AsteriskSpecial
Alt + 10045FlowerSpecial
Alt + 10050Flower DonutSpecial
Alt + 10052SnowflakeSpecial
Alt + 10065Shaded SquareSpecial
Alt + 10083Exclamation with HeartHearts
Alt + 10084HeartsPlaying Cards
Alt + 10085Tilted HeartsHearts
Alt + 10086Floral HeartHearts
Alt + 10087Rotated Floral HeartHearts
Alt + 101ESmall Letter eKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 10102Black Circled OneNumbers
Alt + 10103Black Circled TwoNumbers
Alt + 10104Black Circled ThreeNumbers
Alt + 10105Black Circled FourNumbers
Alt + 10106Black Circled FiveNumbers
Alt + 10107Black Circled SixNumbers
Alt + 10108Black Circled SevenNumbers
Alt + 10109Black Circled EightNumbers
Alt + 10110Black Circled NineNumbers
Alt + 10111Black Circled TenNumbers
Alt + 10112White Circled OneNumbers
Alt + 10113White Circled TwoNumbers
Alt + 10114White Circled ThreeNumbers
Alt + 10115White Circled FourNumbers
Alt + 10116White Circled FiveNumbers
Alt + 10117White Circled SixNumbers
Alt + 10118White Circled SevenNumbers
Alt + 10119White Circled EightNumbers
Alt + 10120White Circled NineNumbers
Alt + 10121White Circled TenNumbers
Alt + 10136Bold South East ArrowArrows
Alt + 10137Bold Right ArrowArrows
Alt + 10138Bold North East ArrowArrows
Alt + 10139Drafting Point Right ArrowArrows
Alt + 10140Bold Round Tipped Right ArrowArrows
Alt + 10141Triangle Head Right ArrowArrows
Alt + 10142Bold Triangle Head Right ArrowArrows
Alt + 10143Dashed Triangle Head Right ArrowArrows
Alt + 10144Bold Dashed Triangle Head Right ArrowArrows
Alt + 10145Black Right ArrowArrows
Alt + 101463D Top Lighted Right ArrowArrows
Alt + 101473D Bottom Lighted Right ArrowArrows
Alt + 10148Black Right Arrow HeadArrows
Alt + 10149Bold Down Curved Right ArrowArrows
Alt + 10150Bold Up Curved Right ArrowArrows
Alt + 10151Squat Right ArrowArrows
Alt + 10152Bold Concave Black Right ArrowArrows
Alt + 10153Right Shadowed White Right ArrowArrows
Alt + 10154Left Shadowed White Right ArrowArrows
Alt + 10155Back Tilted Shadowed White Right ArrowArrows
Alt + 10156Front Tilted Shadowed White Right ArrowArrows
Alt + 10157Bold Lower Shadowed White Right ArrowArrows
Alt + 10158Bold Upper Shadowed White Right ArrowArrows
Alt + 10159Notched Lower Shadowed White Right ArrowArrows
Alt + 10160Curly LoopSpecial
Alt + 10161Notched Upper Shadowed White Right ArrowArrows
Alt + 10162Circled Bold White Right ArrowArrows
Alt + 10163White Feathered Right ArrowArrows
Alt + 10164Black Feathered South East ArrowArrows
Alt + 10165Black Feathered Right ArrowArrows
Alt + 10166Black Feathered North East ArrowArrows
Alt + 10167Bold Black Feathered South East ArrowArrows
Alt + 10168Bold Black Feathered Right ArrowArrows
Alt + 10169Bold Black Feathered North East ArrowArrows
Alt + 10170Teardrop Barbed Right ArrowArrows
Alt + 10171Bold Teardrop Shanked Right ArrowArrows
Alt + 10172Wedge Tailed Right ArrowArrows
Alt + 10173Bold Wedge Tailed Right ArrowArrows
Alt + 10174Open Outlined Right ArrowArrows
Alt + 10175Double Curly LoopArrows
Alt + 102fSmall Letter fKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 103gSmall Letter gKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 104hSmall Letter hKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 105iSmall Letter iKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 106jSmall Letter jKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 107kSmall Letter kKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 108lSmall Letter lKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 109mSmall Letter mKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 110nSmall Letter nKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 111oSmall Letter oKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 112pSmall Letter pKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 113qSmall Letter qKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 114rSmall Letter rKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 115sSmall Letter sKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 116tSmall Letter tKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 117uSmall Letter uKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 118vSmall Letter vKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 119wSmall Letter wKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 120xSmall Letter xKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 121ySmall Letter yKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 122zSmall Letter zKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 123{Left Brace or Curly BracketKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 124|PipelineKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 125}Right Brace or Curly BracketKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 126~Intermediate or ApproximateKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 127904🎠Carousel HorseSpecial
Alt + 127905🎡Ferris WheelSpecial
Alt + 127906🎢Roller CoasterSpecial
Alt + 127907🎣Fishing PoleSpecial
Alt + 127908🎤MicMusical Symbols
Alt + 127909🎥Video CameraSpecial
Alt + 127910🎦CinemaSpecial
Alt + 127911🎧HeadphoneMusical Symbols
Alt + 127912🎨PaintingSpecial
Alt + 127913🎩Top HatSpecial
Alt + 127914🎪Circus TentSpecial
Alt + 127915🎫TicketSpecial
Alt + 127916🎬Clapper BoardSpecial
Alt + 127917🎭Performing ArtsSpecial
Alt + 127918🎮Video GameSpecial
Alt + 127919🎯DartGaming
Alt + 127920🎰Slot MachineGaming
Alt + 127921🎱BilliardsGaming
Alt + 127922🎲DicesGaming
Alt + 127923🎳Snow BowlingGaming
Alt + 127924🎴Flower Playing CardsGaming
Alt + 127925🎵Quaver or Eighth NoteMusical Symbols
Alt + 127926🎶Musical NotesMusical Symbols
Alt + 127927🎷SaxophoneMusical Symbols
Alt + 127928🎸GuitarMusical Symbols
Alt + 127929🎹Musical KeyboardMusical Symbols
Alt + 127930🎺TrumpetMusical Symbols
Alt + 127931🎻ViolinMusical Symbols
Alt + 127932🎼Octave ClefMusical Symbols
Alt + 127934🎾TennisGaming
Alt + 127936🏀BasketballGaming
Alt + 127937🏁FlagGaming
Alt + 127938🏂SkiingGaming
Alt + 127939🏃RunningGaming
Alt + 127940🏄SkatingGaming
Alt + 127942🏆CupGaming
Alt + 127944🏈American FootballGaming
Alt + 127946🏊SwimmingGaming
Alt + 127968🏠HomeTransport
Alt + 127969🏡Flower HouseTransport
Alt + 127970🏢Office BuildingTransport
Alt + 127973🏥HospitalTransport
Alt + 127974🏦BankCurrency
Alt + 127975🏧ATMCurrency
Alt + 127976🏨HotelTransport
Alt + 127977🏩love HotelTransport
Alt + 127978🏪Convenience StoreTransport
Alt + 127979🏫SchoolTransport
Alt + 127980🏬Department StoreTransport
Alt + 127981🏭FactoryTransport
Alt + 127982🏮Izakaya LanternSpecial
Alt + 127983🏯Japanese CastleSpecial
Alt + 127984🏰European CastleSpecial
Alt + 128012🐌SnailSpecial
Alt + 128013🐍SnakeSpecial
Alt + 128014🐎HorseSpecial
Alt + 128102👦BoyHuman
Alt + 128103👧GirlHuman
Alt + 128104👨Male (Man)Human
Alt + 128105👩Female (Woman)Human
Alt + 128106👪Family with KidHuman
Alt + 128107👫Family without KidHuman
Alt + 128110👮Man Face with Police CapHuman
Alt + 128111👯Woman Face with Rabbit BandHuman
Alt + 128112👰Woman Face1Human
Alt + 128113👱Woman Face2Human
Alt + 128114👲Man Face1Human
Alt + 128115👳Man Face2Human
Alt + 128116👴Man Face3Human
Alt + 128117👵Man Face4Human
Alt + 128118👶Baby FaceHuman
Alt + 128119👷Man Face5Human
Alt + 128120👸Man Face6Human
Alt + 128124👼Angel BabyHuman
Alt + 128125👽Halloween MaskHuman
Alt + 128127👿SatanHuman
Alt + 128128💀SkullHuman
Alt + 128134💆Man Face7Human
Alt + 128135💇Scissor and CombSpecial
Alt + 128137💉SyringeSpecial
Alt + 128138💊Medicine or Tablet or PillSpecial
Alt + 128139💋LipsHuman
Alt + 128140💌Lover Letter / CoverHearts
Alt + 128141💍Diamond RingSpecial
Alt + 128142💎DiamondSpecial
Alt + 128143💏Kissing SymbolHuman
Alt + 128145💑Lovers (Man and Women with Heart)Hearts
Alt + 128146💒Heart with HomeHearts
Alt + 128147💓Vibrating HeartHearts
Alt + 128148💔Broken Heart SymbolHearts
Alt + 128149💕Double HeartHearts
Alt + 128150💖Twinkling HeartHearts
Alt + 128151💗Donut HeartHearts
Alt + 128152💘Heart with ArrowHearts
Alt + 128153💙Horizontal Stripped HeartHearts
Alt + 128154💚Left Slanted Stripped HeartHearts
Alt + 128155💛Right Slanted Stripped HeartHearts
Alt + 128156💜Partial Stripped HeartHearts
Alt + 128157💝Heart GiftHearts
Alt + 128158💞Four HeartsHearts
Alt + 128159💟Heart on Drawing PadHearts
Alt + 128160💠Dotted SquareSpecial
Alt + 128161💡BulbSpecial
Alt + 128162💢Four SectionSpecial
Alt + 128163💣BombSpecial
Alt + 128164💤DizzySpecial
Alt + 128165💥CalloutSpecial
Alt + 128166💦Drop DesignSpecial
Alt + 128167💧DropSpecial
Alt + 128168💨Blowing WindSpecial
Alt + 128169💩CreamSpecial
Alt + 128170💪MuscleHuman
Alt + 128171💫Two StarsSpecial
Alt + 128172💬Comments CalloutSpecial
Alt + 128174💮FlowerSpecial
Alt + 128175💯Hundred Points SymbolCurrency
Alt + 128176💰Money BagCurrency
Alt + 128177💱Currency ConversionCurrency
Alt + 128178💲DollarCurrency
Alt + 128179💳Credit CardCurrency
Alt + 128180💴Yen SignCurrency
Alt + 128181💵Dollar SignCurrency
Alt + 128184💸Dollar SignCurrency
Alt + 128185💹Yen SignCurrency
Alt + 128186💺Seat SymbolSpecial
Alt + 128187💻LaptopSpecial
Alt + 128188💼BriefcaseSpecial
Alt + 128189💽CD DriveSpecial
Alt + 128190💾Floppy DiscSpecial
Alt + 128191💿CDSpecial
Alt + 128192📀DVDSpecial
Alt + 128193📁Closed FolderSpecial
Alt + 128194📂Open FolderSpecial
Alt + 128196📄DocumentSpecial
Alt + 128197📅GallerySpecial
Alt + 128198📆PadSpecial
Alt + 128199📇TypewriterSpecial
Alt + 128202📊Bar GraphSpecial
Alt + 128203📋Writing PadSpecial
Alt + 128204📌PinSpecial
Alt + 128205📍Round Headed PinSpecial
Alt + 128206📎PaperclipSpecial
Alt + 128208📐Angle MeasurementMathematics
Alt + 128209📑Book with Remember StripSpecial
Alt + 128213📕BookSpecial
Alt + 128214📖Open BookSpecial
Alt + 128215📗Left Slanted Stripped BookSpecial
Alt + 128216📘Horizontal Stripped BookSpecial
Alt + 128217📙Right Slanted Stripped BookSpecial
Alt + 128218📚Files or Books on ShelfSpecial
Alt + 128221📝Notepad with PenSpecial
Alt + 128222📞Phone ReceiverSpecial
Alt + 128223📟PagerSpecial
Alt + 128224📠Phone with DisplaySpecial
Alt + 128225📡DishSpecial
Alt + 128226📢SpeakerSpecial
Alt + 128227📣AnnouncementSpecial
Alt + 128228📤UploadSpecial
Alt + 128229📥DownloadSpecial
Alt + 128241📱CellphoneSpecial
Alt + 128661🚕TaxiTransport
Alt + 128663🚗CarTransport
Alt + 128665🚙JeepTransport
Alt + 128666🚚TruckTransport
Alt + 128674🚢Cruisetransport
Alt + 128676🚤BoatTransport
Alt + 128677🚥Traffic SignalTransport
Alt + 128679🚧ConstructionTransport
Alt + 128680🚨Police SirenTransport
Alt + 128681🚩Flag PostSpecial
Alt + 128682🚪DoorTransport
Alt + 128683🚫No EntryTransport
Alt + 128684🚬SmokingSpecial
Alt + 128685🚭No SmokingSpecial
Alt + 128690🚲CycleTransport
Alt + 128694🚶Pedestrian WalkTransport
Alt + 128697🚹MenHuman
Alt + 128698🚺WomenHuman
Alt + 128699🚻RestroomTransport
Alt + 128700🚼BabyHuman
Alt + 128701🚽ToiletSpecial
Alt + 128702🚾Water ClosetSpecial
Alt + 128704🛀BathSpecial
Alt + 30Minus or Dash or HyphenKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 33!Single ExclamationKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 34Double QuoteKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 35#Hash or AmpersandKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 36$Dollar SymbolKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 37%PercentageKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 38&And SymbolKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 39Single QuoteKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 40(Left Round Bracket or ParenthesisKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 41)Right Round Bracket or ParenthesisKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 42*Asterisk or MultiplicationKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 43+Plus SignKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 44,CommaKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 45Minus or Dash or HyphenKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 46.Dot or Full stopKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 47/Right SlashKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 480ZeroKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 491OneKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 502TwoKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 513ThreeKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 524FourKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 535FiveKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 546SixKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 557SevenKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 568EightKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 579NineKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 58:ColonKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 59;SemicolonKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 60<Less than or Left Angle Bracket / ChevronKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 61=Is Equal toKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 62>Greater than or Right Angle Bracket / ChevronKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 63?Question MarkKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 64@At the RateKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 65ACapital Letter AKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 66BCapital Letter BKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 67CCapital Letter CKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 68DCapital Letter DKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 69ECapital Letter EKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 70FCapital Letter FKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 71GCapital Letter GKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 72HCapital Letter HKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 73ICapital Letter IKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 74JCapital Letter JKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 75KCapital Letter KKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 76LCapital Letter LKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 77MCapital Letter MKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 78NCapital Letter NKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 79OCapital Letter OKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 80PCapital Letter PKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 81QCapital Letter QKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 82RCapital Letter RKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 83SCapital Letter SKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 8355French FrancCurrency
Alt + 8356British PoundCurrency
Alt + 8357Mill SignCurrency
Alt + 8358Nigerian NairaCurrency
Alt + 8359Spanish PesetaCurrency
Alt + 8360Indian RupeeCurrency
Alt + 8361South Korean WonCurrency
Alt + 8362Israeli New SheqelCurrency
Alt + 8363Vietnamese DongCurrency
Alt + 8364EuroCurrency
Alt + 8365Laos KipCurrency
Alt + 8366Mongolian TugrikCurrency
Alt + 8367Greece DrachmaCurrency
Alt + 8368German Penny SignCurrency
Alt + 8369Philippine PesoCurrency
Alt + 8370Paraguayan GuaraniCurrency
Alt + 8371Argentine AustralCurrency
Alt + 8372Ukrainian HryvniaCurrency
Alt + 8373CentCurrency
Alt + 8377Indian Rupee SymbolCurrency
Alt + 8378Turkish LiraCurrency
Alt + 8381Russian RubleCurrency
Alt + 84TCapital Letter TKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 85UCapital Letter UKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 86VCapital Letter VKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 87WCapital Letter WKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 8721SummationMathematics
Alt + 8723Minus or PlusMathematics
Alt + 8730Square RootMathematics
Alt + 8731Cube RootMathematics
Alt + 8732Fourth RootMathematics
Alt + 8733Open InfinityMathematics
Alt + 8734Closed InfinityMathematics
Alt + 8735L symbolMathematics
Alt + 8737AngleMathematics
Alt + 8741Parallel (Slant)Mathematics
Alt + 8747Calculus SymbolMathematics
Alt + 8748Calculus SymbolMathematics
Alt + 8750Calculus SymbolMathematics
Alt + 8751Calculus SymbolMathematics
Alt + 8756Triangle DotsSpecial
Alt + 8757Down Triangle DotsSpecial
Alt + 8759Four Square DotsSpecial
Alt + 8762Double DivideSpecial
Alt + 8771ApproximateMathematics
Alt + 88XCapital Letter XKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 89YCapital Letter YKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 90ZCapital Letter ZKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 91[Left BracketKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 92\Left SlashKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 93]Right BracketKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 94^CapSpecial
Alt + 95_UnderscoreKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 96`ApostropheKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 97aSmall Letter aKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 9728Sun with Black RaysWeather Symbols
Alt + 9729Cloudy WeatherWeather Symbols
Alt + 9730UmbrellaWeather Symbols
Alt + 9731SnowmanWeather Symbols
Alt + 9732CometWeather Symbols
Alt + 9733Star BlackWeather Symbols
Alt + 9734Star WhiteWeather Symbols
Alt + 9735LightningWeather Symbols
Alt + 9736ThunderstormWeather Symbols
Alt + 9737Sun SymbolWeather Symbols
Alt + 9742Telephone BlackSpecial
Alt + 9743Telephone WhiteSpecial
Alt + 9745Tick Mark Inside BoxSpecial
Alt + 9746Checked BoxSpecial
Alt + 9747Cross MarkSpecial
Alt + 9754Hand Black LeftSpecial
Alt + 9755Hand Black RightSpecial
Alt + 9756Hand White LeftSpecial
Alt + 9757Hand White UpSpecial
Alt + 9758Hand White RightSpecial
Alt + 9759Hand White DownSpecial
Alt + 9760Danger SymbolSpecial
Alt + 9786Smiling Light SmileySpecial
Alt + 9787Smiling Dark SmileySpecial
Alt + 9788Sun White with RaysWeather Symbols
Alt + 9789Half-moon RightWeather Symbols
Alt + 9790Half-moon LeftWeather Symbols
Alt + 9792Female SymbolHuman
Alt + 9794Male SymbolHuman
Alt + 98bSmall Letter bKeyboard Defaults
Alt + 9800AriesZodiac Symbols
Alt + 9801TaurusZodiac Symbols
Alt + 9802GeminiZodiac Symbols
Alt + 9803CancerZodiac Symbols
Alt + 9804LeoZodiac Symbols
Alt + 9805VirgoZodiac Symbols
Alt + 9806LibraZodiac Symbols
Alt + 9807ScorpioZodiac Symbols
Alt + 9808SagittariusZodiac Symbols
Alt + 9809CapricornZodiac Symbols
Alt + 9810AquariusZodiac Symbols
Alt + 9811PiscesZodiac Symbols
Alt + 9812King WhiteChess Piece
Alt + 9813Queen WhiteChess Piece
Alt + 9814Rook WhiteChess Piece
Alt + 9815Bishop WhiteChess Piece
Alt + 9816Knight WhiteChess Piece
Alt + 9817Pawn WhiteChess Piece
Alt + 9818King BlackChess Piece
Alt + 9819Queen BlackChess Piece
Alt + 9820Rook BlackChess Piece
Alt + 9821Bishop BlackChess Piece
Alt + 9822Knight BlackChess Piece
Alt + 9823Pawn BlackChess Piece
Alt + 9824Spades DarkPlaying Cards
Alt + 9825Hearts LightPlaying Cards
Alt + 9826Spades LightPlaying Cards
Alt + 9827Clubs DarkPlaying Cards
Alt + 9828Spades LightPlaying Cards
Alt + 9829Hearts DarkPlaying Cards
Alt + 9830Diamonds DarkPlaying Cards
Alt + 9831Clubs LightPlaying Cards
Alt + 9833Crotchet or Quarter noteMusical Symbols
Alt + 9834Quaver or Eighth noteMusical Symbols
Alt + 9835Musical Single BarMusical Symbols
Alt + 9836Musical Double BarMusical Symbols
Alt + 9837Flat NoteMusical Symbols
Alt + 9838Natural NoteMusical Symbols
Alt + 9839Sharp NoteMusical Symbols
Alt + 99CSmall Letter cKeyboard Defaults
Alt + Ctrl + .ContinuationSpecial
Alt + Ctrl + C©CopyrightSpecial
Alt + Ctrl + EEuroCurrency
Alt + Ctrl + R®RegisteredSpecial
Alt + Ctrl + TTrademarkSpecial

Tips for Using Alt Key Shortcuts

  • Ensure that your computer has a separate numeric keypad to use these codes effectively.
  • Activate the numeric keypad by pressing the “Num Lock” key on your keyboard.
  • Use the numeric keypad to type the corresponding code for the desired symbol or character.
  • Remember that the codes are case-sensitive, so ensure that you are using the correct code for the desired letter case.

In conclusion, ALT key shortcuts provide a convenient and efficient way to insert symbols and characters in your documents. By using this comprehensive Alt Codes List, you can quickly and easily find the appropriate shortcuts for your needs, making it simpler than ever to create professional and well-formatted documents.